General: Astronomy Event Class

Available Astronomy Event Classes

Event ClassDescriptionSunMoon
allCombination of all known classes.XX
currentThe current phase for the place requested. Additional attributes for illumination (moon), azimuth, distance. XX
daylengthDay length. Day length is not reported as an event, but as a separate attribute.X 
meridianMeridian (Noon, highest point) and Anti-Meridian (lowest point) events.XX
phaseMoon phase events. Additionally to the phase events (only occurring on four days per lunar month), an additional attribute for the current moon phase is reported for every day. X
setriseSet and rise events. Event times take atmospheric refraction into account.XX
twilightCombination of all 3 twilight classes.X 
twilight6Civil twilight (-6°).X 
twilight12Nautical twilight (-12°).X 
twilight18Astronomical twilight (-18°).X