General: Account Service

The account service can be used to query for which licenses you currently have access to, and the number of credits available on your profile.

Request Parameters:

Only general parameters see: the section “General Parameters”.

Response Elements:

The unique identifier for your profile

Type: Integer


The ISO timestamp the request was made

Type: string/ ISO8601 Date


The number of request credits left on your profile.

Type: Integer


The packages you have purchased, their purchase date and expiration date.

Type: Array of PackageType

Example JSON Request:{KEY}&expires={TIMESTAMP}&signature={SIGNATURE}

Example JSON response

        "version": 3,
        "billing": {
                "credits": 0
        "account": {
                "id": "00000000",
                "timestamp": {
                        "iso": "2020-01-27T11:17:16"
                "requests": 1015240,
                "packages": [{
                        "productid": "W002",
                        "name": "Work Days 1 Country",
                        "purchasedate": {
                                "iso": "2019-10-22"
                        "validuntil": {
                                "iso": "2020-10-22"
                        "parameters": "uk"
                        "productid": "A001",
                        "name": "Astronomy Full",
                        "purchasedate": {
                                "iso": "2020-01-27"
                        "validuntil": {
                                "iso": "2021-01-27"

Example XML Request:{KEY}&expires={TIMESTAMP}&signature={SIGNATURE}

Example XML response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<data version="3">
  <account id="00000000">
    <timestamp iso="2020-01-27T11:17:16"/>
    <package productid="W002">
      <name>Work Days 1 Country</name>
      <purchasedate iso="2019-10-22"/>
      <validuntil iso="2020-10-22"/>
    <package productid="A001">
      <name>Astronomy Full</name>
      <purchasedate iso="2020-01-27"/>
      <validuntil iso="2021-01-27"/>