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Holidays API:
Pricing & Packages

Access and download 7,000 holidays and observances from 230 countries in multiple languages. On federal, state, and local levels.

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Which Option Is the Best For You?

You need holidays and observances for one country? Try our Basic Package and access holidays on federal, state, and local levels (where possible). Pick one of 230 countries and issue up to 50,000 requests.

Our Plus Package gives you access to all countries and double the requests: Query holidays and observances for 230 countries on a federal/national level, download all data, and get 100,000 credits for your requests.

Choose our Premium Package and query all countries on all levels (where possible), download your data as CSV and XML, and use up to 500,000 requests.

Holidays API Pricing

Illustration for the basic package - Pin with a moon, calendar, calculator or clock depending on service.Basic
Illustration for the plus package - Pin with a moon, calendar, calculator or clock depending on service, with a plus in the top right corner.Plus
Illustration for the premium package - Pin with a moon, calendar, calculator or clock depending on service, with a star in the top right corner.Premium
Number of credits50,000100,000500,000
Number of countries to query1 countryAll countriesAll countries
Holiday types includedAll holidaysNational holidaysAll holidays
On This Day service
Data download

What's it going to be?

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Moooooore Credits!

Ran out of requests? No problem. You can easily top up – by purchasing additional credits.

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High Volume and Custom Requests

You need a tailored solution for your business? One million requests and more? No problem: We provide High Traffic Volume Packages which include solutions for a large number of API requests.

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Before You Buy – Test Our API

Take our APIs for a drive: With our free three-month trial. No credit card required, no fees. Just sign up and test all our APIs at once. For three months, for free. Is that great or what?

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Data Trusted by the World

Global retailers, tech giants, and airlines—they all use our holiday database. These global organizations trust Time and Date, because we research holidays around the world using primary sources such as government records, laws, and regulations.

Our multilingual team of researchers manually controls the quality and accuracy of our data, while our algorithms calculate holiday dates years in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to our Terms and Conditions, you must not resell, sub-license, lease or rent the obtained data to any other party.

If you want to compile our data into databases or create derivative works that are available to third parties, you must consult us first. We can then draft a separate agreement.

We are a small company and we depend on revenue to keep our APIs running and updated. Much of what we offer is available on our website for free. Our APIs are only available as paid plans.

You might be interested in our 3 month free trial to test out our API services.

We only need your contact information and we will never receive any sensitive information from our customers that would warrant a non-disclosure agreement. Our APIs are entirely self-serviced—except for bank transfers and quotes.

We generally do not accept other companies' purchase terms, NDAs, or other legal documents for the purchase of our standard packages. None of these are required to purchase access to our services. We reserve the right to make exceptions—for example for custom contracts that exceed our normal offering.

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