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Date Calculator API

Calculate the number of business days, weekends, and holidays in a given period and location — or count to any specific business date, past or future.

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What You Will Get

Find any business date in a location of your choice. Calculate the number of business days, weekends, and holidays in a given period. Profit from our extensive holiday database listing 7,000 holidays and observances in 230 countries.

For a given period, the Date Calculator API returns:

  • Amount of business days
  • Amount of calendar days
  • Every holiday in a set location
  • A calculated end date
Dozens of Holiday Types
  • Which date is X business days from today?
  • Which days are weekdays?
  • Which days are holidays?
  • How many business days are in a set period?

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You're interested in our data but you're not into programming? Good news: You can also download the data as a CSV or XML file. Simply import it into your spreadsheet – no programming needed.

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Logistics & Transportation

Use our API to automatically get a more accurate arrival time for any shipment. Also great for planning: Notify users when a certain time slot is not available due to holidays, weekends or certain weekdays where your business is closed.

The Date Calculator API even helps you with automated pricing: Calculate your prices based on weekdates and business dates — and automate your booking process.

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Accurate Project Planning

With our Date Calculator API, you always know which days will be working days and which holidays lie within your project scope.

Integrate the Date Calculator API and create accurate internal calendars. Plan staff-hours for your projects realistically — by automatically excluding holidays and weekends.

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We offer three distinct packages for all your needs; choose the right fit for your project or product.

Access to our Date Calculator API starts at $299. Or try our data for free with our 3-month trial and see if you like what we have to offer.

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Data Trusted by the World

Global logistics companies use our API, transportation and planning powerhouses trust our data. Why? Because our data quality lies in the combination of two factors: reliable calculations and our vast database of holidays and observances in 230 countries around the world.

This way, you can be sure which days are business dates and when businesses will be closed, allowing for accurate planning — for years to come.

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