New: Immortal credits

Credits are our way of counting requests. In most cases, one request costs one credit. Sometimes, depending on the complexity of the request, it will cost more – you can find the details in the documentation. You buy credits automatically as part of an API package, and you can buy extra credits to top up your account.

In our old system, credits had an expiration date. They would usually last for 12 months from the point of purchase. This is no longer the case. In the new system, credits do not expire. They last until you use them. If your package expires, your credits remain in your account. You can use them for other packages, or just renew the expired package and continue as before.

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New: Team roles

Chances are that you are using the API account not alone but as part of a team. You might have a finance and accounting team that needs to get the invoices. You might have senior developers that set API key policies. And you might need one person controlling the account.

This is why we introduce Team Roles: You can now assign each of your team members one of three roles: "Owner", "Accountant", and "Developer".

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Team members and roles are optional, except the Owner. One person must own your account: He or she owns the account and has full access. There can only be one team member in this role. If your team only consists of one person or you don't want several people involved, go with one team member as "Owner".


If you want a different invoicing address because all your invoices should go to your finance & accounting team, add a new team member and give it the "Accountant" role. This team member will now automatically get all invoices to the address entered in the accountant's user profile. The accountant has access to past purchases and can buy new licenses and packages.


If you have a developer on your team, add a new team member and give him/her the "Developer" role. Developers cannot buy new licenses and packages, but they can configure your API policies and access keys. This ensures you have technical team members that have the access they need without giving everyone access to everything.

Old vs. new packages

Holiday API

We started ten years ago with just about 2.000 holidays in 70 countries. Today, our users can access about 7.000 holidays in 230 countries and locations around the world. We have built a professional team of researchers, journalists, and translators ensuring a holiday API service that not only is up-to-date and delivers high quality data, but more than that. We recently added lunisolar observations as a basis for holiday data – this means we can deliver observances based on celestial events.

In short: Our database has grown, our team has grown, and our offering, too. Our new package offerings reflect this quality.

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Illustration of changes made to the logo for the Holiday API

Holiday API comparison:

Old logo for Holiday API Old packages New logo for Holiday API New packages Changes
Holiday 1Holiday BasicCredits -50,000
Holiday PlusNew
Total HolidayHoliday PremiumPrice +$599
Old logo for Holiday API

Old Holiday API packages:

Holiday 1Total Holidays
Number of credits100,000500,000
Number of countries1 countryAll countries
Holiday types includedAll holidaysAll holidays
Data downloadNoYes
New logo for Holiday API

New Holiday API packages:

Holiday BasicHoliday PlusHoliday Premium
Number of credits50,000100,000500,000
Number of countries1 countryAll countriesAll countries
Holiday types includedAll holidaysNational holidaysAll holidays
Data downloadNoYesYes

Time API

Like with our Holiday service, our location database has grown. We started with 1.000 locations – today, we offer more than 5,800 locations around the world. With our Time API, you can convert Time Zones, query Daylight Saving Time for all these locations.

We also added a new tier called "Plus Time" that unified the separate "Time Zone" and "Daylight Saving" packages – which means you get more for less: You get three additional features and more than 5,000 additional locations.

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Illustration of changes made to the logo for the Time API

Time API comparison:

Old logo for Time API Old packages New logo for Time API New packages Changes
Time 5Time Basic Price +$9,
-Current Time,
+Time Zone Converter
Time 20Discontinued
Time FullDiscontinued

Time Zone

Daylight Saving
Time Plus Price -$400,
Locations +5,600,
Features +3
Total TimeTime Premium
Old logo for Time API

Old Time API packages:

Time 5Time 20Time FullTime ZoneDaylight SavingTotal Time
Number of credits100,000500,0001,000,000500,000100,0001,000,000
Number of locations5 locations80 locations200 locations200 locationsAll locationsAll locations
Data downloadNoNoNoNoYesYes
Current TimeYesYesYesNoNoYes
DST ChangesNoNoNoNoYesYes
Time Zone ConverterNoNoNoYesNoYes
New logo for Time API

New Time API packages:

Time BasicTime PlusTime Premium
Number of credits10,000500,0001,000,000
Number of locations1 locationAll locationsAll locations
Data downloadNoNoYes
Current TimeNoYesYes
DST ChangesNoYesYes
Time Zone ConverterYesYesYes

Astronomy API

Like with our Time API services, our location database has grown enormously. Our Astronomy services now allow you to select from over 5,000 additional locations on Earth – you can also query the locations, rise, and setting times for all planets in our solar system.

The new "Premium Astronomy" package also doubles your credits in comparison with the old "Astronomy Full" package.

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Illustration of changes made to the logo for the Astronomy API

Astronomy API comparison:

Old logo for Astronomy API Old packages New logo for Astronomy API New packages Changes
Astronomy 5Astronomy Basic Price +$49
Astronomy PlusNew
Astronomy FullAstronomy Premium Credits +100,000,
Price +$199
Old logo for Astronomy API

Old Astronomy API packages:

Astronomy 5Astronomy Full
Number of credits50,000100,000
Number of locations5 locationsAll locations
Data downloadNoYes
Astronomical PositionsNoYes
Astronomical EventsYesYes
New logo for Astronomy API

New Astronomy API packages:

Astronomy BasicAstronomy PlusAstronomy Premium
Number of credits50,000100,000200,000
Number of locations5 location10 locationsAll locations
Data downloadNoNoYes
Astronomical PositionsNoYesYes
Astronomical EventsYesYesYes

Date Calculator API

We streamlined our Calculator API services to offer you much more in a single package. The new "Plus Date Calculator" offers double the credits compared with the old "Work Days 1 Country", and offers additional filters.

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Illustration of changes made to the logo for the Date Calculator API

Date Calculator API comparison:

Old logo for Date Calculator API Old packages New logo for Date Calculator API New packages Changes
Date Calculator Basic (TBA)New
Work Days 1 CountryDate Calculator Plus Credits +500k,
Price +$99,
Feature +1
Work Days FullDate Calculator PremiumPrice +$49
Old logo for Date Calculator API

Old Date Calculator API packages:

Work Days 1 CountryWork Days Full
Number of credits500,0001,000,000
Number of locations5 countryAll countries
Business DatesYesYes
Business DurationYesYes
Additional FiltersNoYes
New logo for Date Calculator API

New Date Calculator API packages:

Date Calculator BasicDate Calculator PlusDate Calculator Premium
Number of credits500,0001,000,0001,000,000
Number of locations1 countryAll countriesAll countries
Business DatesNoYesYes
Business DurationNoYesYes
Additional FiltersNoYesYes

What happens to my account?

Accounts created before September 1, 2021 will remain unchanged: Your licenses, packages and credits will continue like before — as long as you renew them. Your credits will become immortal as described above from September 1, 2021.

Your current packages and licenses (bought before September 1, 2021) will not change in scope or price. As long as you keep renewing them, they keep their old pricing. Once you stop renewing and your packages and licenses expire, you will have to buy the new packages at the new prices. Your account itself remains intact independent from your choices.