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Time API

Current time and time zone information for any location on Earth. Convert time zones and list all Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes in a specific location.

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What You Will Get:

Time API consists of three services: timeservice returns the current time in a specific location. List all time changes (summer time / DST) in a specific country and query the start and end dates of DST changes with dstlist. Convert time between several locations with converttime.

The Time API services return:

Time Service
  • Current Time*
  • UTC Offset
  • Sunrise & Sunset
Time Zone Service
  • Current Time Zone
  • Time Changes
  • Time Zone Conversions

* Query locations by latitude & longitude, IATA/ICAO airport codes, or by using a location ID.

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You're interested in our data but you're not into programming? Good news: You can also download the data as a CSV or XML file. Simply import it into your spreadsheet – no programming needed.

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When It Has to Be Exact

Organizations like stock exchanges and airlines need accurate data, and they need it now. Using the Time API services, organizations can access all time changes in any country in our database — and for any location on Earth. Right now.

Our information is updated quickly and immediately accessible via the API. This way, organizations always stay up-to-date and connected with the reality on the ground.

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Timely Data for Businesses

Time API delivers more than just the time: Every information comes with context, such as UTC offset and location coordinates. This way, developers and businesses can use the time information with ease — no additional research necessary.

Our time zone service is similarly easy to use: quickly convert time zones and list all time changes in the country of your choice in a simple list. Saving time the convenient way.

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We offer three distinct packages for all your needs; choose the right fit for your project or product.

Access to our Time API data starts at $49. Or try our data for free with our 3-month trial and see if you like what we have to offer.

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Data Trusted by the World

Time and Date calculations and algorithms are based on the IANA time zone database, the authoritative source for time zone changes worldwide.

Our Time APIs enhance this data — allowing you to find the matching time zone for any geographic location on Earth.

Our Time APIs allow for an instant update on any time zone changes or changes in Daylight Saving Time, seamlessly integrated into your systems.


While other time zone services may also list your country, our Time API offers two distinct advantages:

(1) You can query your exact location—and any location on earth—by using geo-coordinates. This means you will get the exact answer you are looking for.

(2) Our time zone database is always kept up-to-date, even with last-minute DST changes. Those changes are immediately available in our API and allow for an accurate, realistic view of time zones and times everywhere on Earth.

While our database does cover years before 1970, the coverage is not complete. Some changes were local and not well recorded, making it very hard to reliably research time zone changes before 1970.

You can query for your location using geographical coordinates, IATA/ICAO airport codes, and location IDs from our database. Querying by zip code is not possible at this time.

You can find a list of our location identifiers here: Available Locations.

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