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Holidays API

Access and download 7,000 holidays and observances from 230 countries in multiple languages. On federal, state, and local levels.

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What You Will Get:

Holidays API lets you access holidays and observances in 230 countries in multiple languages. Find out when businesses are closed or whole countries shut down. A request will deliver:

  • Holiday name & date
  • Type of holiday (e.g. Bank Holiday or Religious Day)
  • Level of holiday: federal, state, or local
  • List of states/communities where the holiday is observed
  • Holiday description (in some countries)
Dozens of Holiday Types
  • National/Federal Holidays
  • State/Provincial Holidays
  • Local Holidays
  • Religious Observances
  • Events & Elections
  • And many more...

Download Data as CSV

You're interested in our data but you're not into programming? Good news: You can also download the data as a CSV or XML file. Simply import it into your spreadsheet – no programming needed.

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Are Businesses Closed?

Keeping track of business hours is challenging. Especially across state lines. Global retailers and supply chain managers regularly wrestle with local, state, or federal holidays.

With access to our Holiday API, you can easily find out where businesses are open or closed — in 230 countries around the globe. For reliable planning for years to come.

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Know When Countries Shut Down

Huge events like the Olympic Games or presidential elections can affect a country's stock market, airports, or parts of its infrastructure – for example by limiting opening hours and public services. Airlines and stock traders have to know in advance when countries slow down.

Wouldn't it be great to automatically request these dates? Staying up to date about big events and federal holidays is easy — with the Holidays API.

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On This Day in History

Our Holiday API delivers more than just holidays. The On This Day service (OTD) will tell you which political, historical, or cultural events happened on a certain day, and which famous people were born or died.

Whether you are building a calendar or need to inform about important dates — by using our OTD service, you can improve your user experience with context-rich historical information.

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We offer three distinct packages for all your needs; choose the right fit for your project or product.

Access to our holiday database starts at $99. Or try our data for free with our 3-month trial and see if you like what we have to offer.

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Data Trusted by the World

Global retailers, tech giants, and airlines—they all use our holiday database. These global organizations trust Time and Date, because we research holidays around the world using primary sources such as government records, laws, and regulations.

Our multilingual team of researchers manually controls the quality and accuracy of our data, while our algorithms calculate holiday dates years in advance.

Holiday API FAQs

Our research team continously monitors changes in holidays around the globe and updates our holiday database on a regular basis. We currently do not offer a "push" for every update, but if you query our Holidays API once a week and cache the result, you remain up to date.

Yes. You can specify the country's ISO-code when querying holiday data. If you want to query on a state level, you can adapt the ISO-code. For example: If you want to query holidays for New South Wales in Australia, you would query for "country=au-nsw" instead of "country=au".

You can find a list of states and communities in our documentation.

We have developed a rule engine for our holiday database that can accurately calculate holiday dates quite far into the future: For most countries, you can query the holidays up to the year 3999.

However, in some countries, the date for specific holidays is only defined a year ahead. The reason is usually that these holidays depend on astronomical events like the sighting of the first moon.

Here you can find a list of our coverage of holidays.

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